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Characters in Brisbane

Super Crissy

Totally hilarious and super wacky Awesome Possum CHRISTMAS SHOW! Enter the Adventure and SAVE CHRISTMAS! Super villain 'Tush Burkey' hides in the shadows, munches on fermented worms, causes global warming, has no friends and now the latest... His new invention - a time machine that can skip Christmas, forever! Are you shaking in your Christmas stockings? Have no fear! Superhero Crissy is here! Awesome Possum brings you a deliciously fun superhero Christmas adventure show with giggles, slapstick, magic, nonsensical acts, drama, suspension, comedy and lots of fun!! Brilliant for kids and the whole family!Simply hilarious! Whether you're having a corporate Christmas party, school holiday show, a birthday party or any Christmas party that needs kids entertainment, Awesome Possum's Super Crissy is Brisbane's BEST kids show this Christmas! SPECIAL DEAL: Book Super Crissy BEFORE 12 November and get $30 OFF your booking fee! Enquiries: email OR call 0450004425 AWESOME POSSUM Enter the Adventure!


The villains are out of control in Brisbane City. There's only one superhero that is able to put it all back in order and save your kids party! He is the Batman! Unleash your hidden superhero powers and enter a superhero world of interactive adventure games and fun challenges! Become a superhero and enjoy an action packed experience in a world of superheroes. #superhero #parties #brisbane #batman #action #villains #games #kidsparty #activities #awesomepossum Unleash the Awesomeness!

Monster Boo

Kids join Monster Boo on an adventure to explore a colourful monster-world! Funny monster, Swamp monster, Musical monster and more are just some friends in the amazing world you are about to enter.

Jedi Anakin

Awesome Possum's Jedi Academy is an action packed adventure show inspired by the all time classic Star Wars. Get ready for some interactive Jedi training activities with Anakin Skywalker featuring fun games, basic martial arts, magic and the force, balloon light saber training, character interaction, cool prizes and a dramatic Darth Vadar appearance. Yes, our Awesome Possum Jedi Academy has a surprising Darth Vadar appearance for your cake cutting ceremony. May the force be with you! Book now!

Hi Awesome Possum!

I just wanted to send through a HUGE thank you for Alijah our amazing Spider-Man we had at my son Max's birthday party today.

All our guests were really impressed by Alijah's commitment to ensure all the kids had a great time and to make the party boy feel like a Super Spider-Man too.

I am sure that many bookings will follow after today!

Thanks again!
Lis Whiting

Lis Whiting - Aug, 2013


We think that classic clowns are a thing of the past... they're just old school and awkward. Do you get the same feeling? So we got Jester! He's the king's personal court jester and he does magical magic as well. This is a fairytale adventure kids party spiced up with jokes, slap stick, magic, dance and heaps more!

Jurasico Dinosaur

The age of the dinosaurs is still here! Celebrate your kids party with a dino herbivore! An incredibly fun interactive dinosaur adventure show with games and activities, character interaction, magic and surprise. Play hide and seek with the T-Rex, enter the dinosaur's cave, run around, leap and roar – kids become little dinosaurs and explore a magnificent imaginary forest back in the Jurassic time. Meet Jurassico – Brisbane's favourite dinosaur. The best dinosaur kids show ever!

Ninja Turtle

Incredible ninja skills will be exercised in this fun Awesome Possum ninja training kids party – If you love the Ninja Turtles - we've got you covered! Get ready for some intense turtle ninja training and awesome fun challenges with action packed activities! This kids party is about the journey of your transformation to a ninja turtle member. With balloon ninja swords training, competitions, fun games, character interaction, bubble activity, martial arts activity and more, your kids party in Brisbane is guaranteed to be amazing... Book today! Enter the Adventure! Kids Parties Brisbane January 2017 Deal $30 off your kids party when you mention this page. Kids Parties Sunshine Coast January 2017 Deal $50 off your kids party booking when you mention this page.

Indiana Jones

One of Awesome Possum's most exciting adventure parties for kids - Indiana Jones in the island of doom! Children join Indy on an adventure of a life time to explore the kingdom of the crystal skull and break into the temple of doom where it's been buried for hundreds of years. Only problem is, someone else has also plotted to get to temple and steal the skull and have all its special powers! And so an action packed battle between Soviet agent Irina and her trained soldiers against Indy and the kids begins. Who will get to the Crystal Skull first? Adventure games, sports activities, magic and fun competitions make this Awesome Possum kids adventure party, a mesmerising experience. Tags: Adventure parties# Indiana Jones# Brisbane# Treasure# Soldiers# Magic# Island#

The show Spiderman did for my son's party was amazing! I have never seen a superhero with magician skills like this before. I would definitely recommend it to everyone! Awesome Possum for the win! Definitely book an Awesome Possum superhero show!!!!

Thanks guys - Looking forward to booking with you again soon!!

Garmend - May, 2013

Christopher Rokit

4-3-2-1: CHRISTOPHER ROKIT SPACE EXPLORER - THE SHOW ** How far is the moon? How hot is the sun? Is life possible on other planets? Learn about the Solar System with Christopher Rokit as you party and play! Space scientist Christopher Rokit has managed to shrink the moon to the size of an apple! Just as he's ready to show it to the world, it disappears! Christopher Rockit is looking for space lab helpers to help him build a Rocket-ship! With the help of the kids he embarks on a journey to space in search of his lost moon! As the story unfolds new facts reveal through fun games and comical performance. 'Create Your Own Rocket-ship' - An easy fun crafts activity, included in this show makes it a hands on experience for the kids as well as being active and fun. Tags: Rocket# Spaceship# Kids Parties# Brisbane# Science# Planets# Aliens#

Shinobi - Black Ninja

Brisbane kids enter the Adventure with this awesomely action packed kids party by incredible master ninjutsu - 'Shinobi' the Black Ninja!i Evil Giant Panda has taken over the palace and enslaved all the villagers! Shinobi and his ninja trainees go on a mission to bring peace back to the region. Discover the fun of martial arts, play active games, enjoy fun activities, have a great time and earn prizes! Awesome Possum Ninja Kids Parties are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Love Ninjago? – Get 'Shinobi' and become a ninja master on your birthday! Adventure Ninja Kids Parties Brisbane Special January 2017 Deal $30 off your kids party booking When you mention this page. Adventure Ninja Kids Parties Sunshine Coast Special January 2017 Deal $50 off your kids party booking When you mention this page. Call Alijah the performer on 0450004425

Army Commando

Awesome Possum Brisbane does exceptional action packed Army Commando kids’ entertainment for children's birthday parties and events with kids. These interactive Awesome Possum parties are set as a combat training with possible scenarios where kids get to become the commandos, the heroes, the players. In this action driven party package, children experience what it might be like to be a part of a commando unit in the army. They get active, face challenges and overcome them, experience action, share the fun, play games, get fit, interact with their chief commando and become part of a special operation. Defend, Protect, Win. Available with awesome obstacle course in 1:30 hour party packages. Enter the Adventure!

Pirate Jack

There's something wild and adventurous about pirates which is why kids are so fascinated by them! Awesome Possum Kids Parties Brisbane presents 'Pirates – Interactive Kids Show'. Games, magic, storytelling, musical fun, challenges, slapstick comedy and even an exciting treasure hunt unfold in this awesome pirate kids show. Children will be inspired to play pirates, explore an imaginary island and win their own balloon pirate sword! Totally awesome, packed full of action, not just for kids, adventure and laughs. #pirate #kids #birthday #party #adventure #island #treasure #balloontwisting #games #activities #music #fun Pirate Kids Parties Brisbane January 2017 Special Deal $30 off your kids party booking when you mention this page. Pirate Kids Party Sunshine Coast January 2017 Special Deal $50 your kids pirate party entertainment when you mention this page. Call 0450004425 and speak to Alijah the performer.

The show Spiderman did for my son's party was amazing! I have never seen a superhero with magician skills like this before. I would definitely recommend it to everyone! Awesome Possum for the win! Definitely book an Awesome Possum superhero show!!!!

Thanks guys - Looking forward to booking with you again soon!!

Garmend - May, 2013


Superhero training adventure – Unleash the Awesomeness! He will show when least expected, over your garden's wall or down from the trees. The baddies could be anywhere... They might steal the cake! They might even take all the birthday presents for themselves... how awful! But Spiderman is here and he is keen to get some help from new superhero buddies. Join spiderman on a mission to drive the baddies away and save the day! Are you brave? are you strong? are you fast? – Then lets kick some grass! Your superhero adventure begins with Awesome Possum!


This is a video game brought to life party adventure. Games and activities will be laid out for the kids to gain new skills with Spiky, collect golden hoops and earn prizes.


Awesome Possum's hilariously and incredibly awesome adaptation for the all time classic character 'Superman' - it is our amazing 'Hero'! He's always up for the mission and the baddies are just petrified!! Save your kids party with the amazing Hero - an interactive show with superhero training activities, games, magic, prizes and much much more! Call Awesome Possum today 0450004425


Wild animals, poisonous plants, angry savages, underground caves and a temple of gold! Explore a magical island with Woof - An adventure party for little wild explorers!

Thank you so much Alijah! You just made Charlie's day at his 5th birthday party yesterday. What an entrance! I think the whole of the playground stopped in their tracks when they realised Spidy was perched up on the fence. I'll never forget the look on Charlie's face when he saw you there. He was so excited. You really became like spiderman with your moves and everything. And you're so amazing at holding the kids attention – the all loved you! Its the first party I've put on for my children that I've enjoyed too. You took all the stress away by keeping the kids so entertained. Thanks again for such a memorable day. You really are awesome!

Bridie - Mar, 2016


Awesome Possum transforms your Brisbane kids party into an EPIC Transformers adventure experience packed full of action! In this awesomely interactive kids birthday party show, children go on exciting journey to save the day with the awesome transformer Bumblebee! Bumblebee will teach the children awesome tricks, how to be a Transformer and all their special moves, to have special powers - incorporating fun active games and activities, mini challenges, transformers balloon weapons, music, action, fun! Obstacle course available in 1:30 hour parties. Enter the Adventure! Meet Transformer on your birthday! Play. Win. #transformers #kids #parties #brisbane #games #activities #balloontwisting #fun #show #prizes


Advanced kids superhero training with your incredible superhero - Ironman! This is it! Ironman is here to save your kids party in Brisbane! This exciting interactive superhero show for kids is about finding your inner superhero powers! Its about becoming the superhero you always dreamed of and about having an awesome time with Ironman and friends playing games, doing fun challenges and earning prizes while you party! Superior training games, activities and sporty challenges along with musical fun and superhero adventure action will prepare you to become a real superhero yourself! Book Ironman fro your kids party today! #superhero #parties #brisbane #ironman #training #kids #interactive #show #awesomepossum

Lion Luke

Lion Luke finds new animal play friends on his African Savanna adventure. Tippo the Hippo is busy teaching her daughter diving, Ralph the giraffe is collecting fresh leafs from the top of the the baobab tree, the baboon gang is rehearsing a rain dance, and the meerkats are busy digging a secret tunnel out of Africa. This is an adorable interactive kids party show for children in the ages of 3-6 years. Through inspiring interactive storytelling, fun activities and favourite games, children get an opportunity to play and explore a fantastical, colourful world of amazing animal friends. An imagination injected kids party adventure that would excite little kiddies as well as older siblings and friends! #lion #Africa #games #adventure #party #brisbane #show #creative #play

Fantastic Mr Bump

Fantastic Mr Bump loves to party, although it's a little tricky when you're constantly bumping into things, falling over and tripping. That's where all the laughs begin. A hilarious show with slap stick, games and magical tricks to entertain your kids and the whole family. Tags: Mr Men# Mr Bump# Comedy kids show# Slap stick# Brisbane# Kids party# Magic show#

I have been meaning to contact you but I have been so busy that I keep forgetting. Transformers were FANTASTIC!!!! Everyone loved them. They kept the kids entertained all the time. I will definitely be using you guys again, especially Bumblebee!!! All the parents kept asking where I found you from, so I hope they all contact you for bookings. I know I will be calling soon to book for my other son's birthday.

Lara and Luke - Brisbane - May, 2013

The Wild Show

Survival skills in the bush – Go on an expedition to a lost valley in the heart of a wild African jungle and discover incredible places and animals. Loving your stay? Things get complicated when a mysterious creature from the river comes ashore, sneak into the camping grounds and swallows the map of bush ranger Bart Darwin - your expedition host!! Feeling lost? You must find a safe way out from the valley but hey, ranger Darwin has everything it takes to get you out of there! Games, challenges, activities, prizes and much more in this interactive Wild show when you're not always at the top of the food chain!

Power Ranger

Earth is invaded by gooey little yellow minions and the news is - It's happening on your birthday! The minions aren't evil but they're definitely ugly and they eat plastic, metal, electricity wires, cars and your favourite toys! But don't worry! The Power Rangers are here and they will sort out the problem! You and your friends are going to be trained and become Power Rangers too! Each of you will be getting new set of superhero skills and be equipped with minion-laser-catcher! It's a type of awesome gun! The mission: collect the minions and ship them back to their planet. Good luck! Tags: Power Ranger Parties# Brisbane# Minions# Superhero training# Kids Parties# Laser catcher# Super powers#

Police SWAT Agent

Enter the Adventure with Awesome Possum's Police SWAT Academy Kids Parties and become a secret commando agent for a day! Join police commando agent, train to be your best, play interactive games, learn basic self defence techniques, compete in fun activities, go through an awesome obstacle course, have fun and earn prizes! Awesome Possum Police SWAT parties are packed full of action and excitement! Book Awesome Possum's Police Commando Academy interactive show for your kids party. Available in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.
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