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Looking for the best Batman Kids party Superhero in Brisbane? Enter the Adventure with Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes! Games, balloons, fun and dynamic superhero training! So much action! Play. Win.

Wild Thing

Bring out the Wild Thing Inside You in this Awesome Show on Wild Things and Monsters! Children pretend that they are monsters and wild creatures in this magical and musical adventure. Hilarious Show with Games and Fun activities with some really awesome magic tricks. Awesome Possum redefines the concept of monsters, making them funny and fun!

Star Wars Jedi

May the Force Be with You, Star Wars Fans! Awesome Possum Jedi Academy is Brisbane's Best Kids Party Experience for Little Star Wars Lovers! Become a Jedi, use the force, earn your light sabers and meet Darth Vadar!

Jester Clown

We Don't Like Clowns But We Love Jester! Awesome Possum Wonderful Magic Show with Tricks and Jokes, Slap Sticks and More! Brisbane Kids Love Jester! Enter the Adventure!

Wow! What an entry!
The kids were amazed by your surprise appearance over our back yard's wall! At first they didn't notice that spiderman was actually sitting on the the wall but once they spotted you, they all got so excited!

Xander is still asking to look at his birthday photos again and again and again.. His party was truly awesome thanks to you.

See you next year in our new home in Brisbane for Xander's 6. Thinking Star Wars?!

Sarah and Dan

Sarah Giovanni - Apr, 2013

Little Dinosaur

Got a Dinosaur Fan at Home? Awesome Possum Kids Dinosaur Parties are Full of Imagination, Exciting Games and Active Dino Fun! Ask the Awesome Possum about the Amazing Dinosaur Egg Hunt. Enter the Adventure!

Ninja Turtle

Incredible ninja skills will be exercised in this fun Awesome Possum ninja training kids party – If you love the Ninja Turtles - we've got you covered! Get ready for some intense turtle ninja training and awesome fun challenges with action packed activities! This kids party is about the journey of your transformation to a ninja turtle member. With balloon ninja swords training, competitions, fun games, character interaction, bubble activity, martial arts activity and more, your kids party in Brisbane is guaranteed to be amazing... Book today! Enter the Adventure! Kids Parties Brisbane January 2017 Deal $30 off your kids party when you mention this page. Kids Parties Sunshine Coast January 2017 Deal $50 off your kids party booking when you mention this page.

Shinobi - Black Ninja

We No Fight, We Protect!! Join Ninja Shinobi and Become a Ninja on Your Birthday! Basic Martial Arts, Ninja Training Games, Challenges, Balloon Ninja Swords, Learn Funny Japanese Words, Play Pretend, Be Rewarded! Enter the Adventure!

Army Commando

Hard at Training Easy at War!Army Commando Kids Party with Dynamic commando Training, Simulations, Balloon Weapon Tag Games and Obstacle Course Add On! Become a Commando on Your Kids Party! Enter the Adventure. Play. Win.

We wanted to say how brilliant 'Captain Jack' was at Ollie's party on 18 August at Mosman. Captain Jack - YOU ROCK!!! Was totally awesome, kept the kids enthralled. Your energy was amazing and how you scaled the back wall where the kids were firing balls at you is still a mystery?!! Thanks again, money well spent!

Trish Barnes - Aug, 2012

Pirate Jack

There's something wild and adventurous about pirates which is why kids are so fascinated by them! Awesome Possum Kids Parties Brisbane presents 'Pirates – Interactive Kids Show'. Games, magic, storytelling, musical fun, challenges, slapstick comedy and even an exciting treasure hunt unfold in this awesome pirate kids show. Children will be inspired to play pirates, explore an imaginary island and win their own balloon pirate sword! Totally awesome, packed full of action, not just for kids, adventure and laughs. #pirate #kids #birthday #party #adventure #island #treasure #balloontwisting #games #activities #music #fun Pirate Kids Parties Brisbane January 2017 Special Deal $30 off your kids party booking when you mention this page. Pirate Kids Party Sunshine Coast January 2017 Special Deal $50 your kids pirate party entertainment when you mention this page. Call 0450004425 and speak to Alijah the performer.


The Best Spiderman Kids Entertainment in Brisbane and the Gold Coast!! Spiderman Tricks, Superhero Training, Active Adventure Games, Fitness Games and More! Enter the Adventure with Awesome Possum Spidy!


Awesome Possum's hilariously and incredibly awesome adaptation for the all time classic character 'Superman' - it is our amazing 'Hero'! He's always up for the mission and the baddies are just petrified!! Save your kids party with the amazing Hero - an interactive show with superhero training activities, games, magic, prizes and much much more! Call Awesome Possum today 0450004425


Want to Have a Kids Party with Transformer? Awesome Possum offers dynamic Transformers kids birthday parties with epic games and activities. Kids get active and enter the adventure with Bumblebee the Transformer.

Thanks Alijah for putting up such a fantastic Spider-Man show for my 6 year old n his friends.... we all loved it !!! Loved the way you made ur entry climbing up the fence .... u had the lil boys gaping n cheering with glee....
You are such a thorough professional.... Prompt responses, late adjustments, n above all such an entertainer !!!

Ritu, Newmarket Brisbane

Ritu - Jan, 2017


Is Ironman Your Child's Favourite Superhero? - Get Ironman for Your Kids Party in Brisbane! An Exciting Superhero Training Adventure with Tricks, Play Games, Learn New Skills, Balloon Laser Tag, Fitness Activities Prizes and More! - Enter the Adventure! Play. Win.

Lion Luke

Lion Luke finds new animal play friends on his African Savanna adventure. Tippo the Hippo is busy teaching her daughter diving, Ralph the giraffe is collecting fresh leafs from the top of the the baobab tree, the baboon gang is rehearsing a rain dance, and the meerkats are busy digging a secret tunnel out of Africa. This is an adorable interactive kids party show for children in the ages of 3-6 years. Through inspiring interactive storytelling, fun activities and favourite games, children get an opportunity to play and explore a fantastical, colourful world of amazing animal friends. An imagination injected kids party adventure that would excite little kiddies as well as older siblings and friends! #lion #Africa #games #adventure #party #brisbane #show #creative #play

The Cat in the Hat

Awesome possum Adaptation for the All Favourite Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat! Magic Show, Slap Stick, Dance, Tricks, Games and Prizes! Totally Funny and Entertaining! Call Awesome Possum. Get the Cat!

The Wild Show

Survival skills in the bush – Go on an expedition to a lost valley in the heart of a wild African jungle and discover incredible places and animals. Loving your stay? Things get complicated when a mysterious creature from the river comes ashore, sneak into the camping grounds and swallows the map of bush ranger Bart Darwin - your expedition host!! Feeling lost? You must find a safe way out from the valley but hey, ranger Darwin has everything it takes to get you out of there! Games, challenges, activities, prizes and much more in this interactive Wild show when you're not always at the top of the food chain!

Hi Awesome Possum!

I just wanted to send through a HUGE thank you for Alijah our amazing Spider-Man we had at my son Max's birthday party today.

All our guests were really impressed by Alijah's commitment to ensure all the kids had a great time and to make the party boy feel like a Super Spider-Man too.

I am sure that many bookings will follow after today!

Thanks again!
Lis Whiting

Lis Whiting - Aug, 2013

Power Ranger

Want to Become a Power Ranger? Scare the Baddies Off? Save the Planet? Go on a Power Rangers Mystical Force Adventure with Red Power Ranger! Be a Kids Party Superhero!

Police Academy

Enter the Adventure with Awesome Possum's Police SWAT Academy and become a police agent for a day! Awesome Possum's Police SWAT parties are packed full of action, training simulations, challenges and excitement!
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