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Kids Dance Parties in Brisbane

Having a kids party in Brisbane?

Wether you're having your kids' party at home, in the local hall or the park round the corner, Awesome Possum Kids Parties Brisbane has your entertainment lined up for you! Portable sound gear allows us to make your musical kids' dance parties happen - Anywhere!

4 awesome dance parties are on offer for you to choose from…


MIXERS In this Awesome Possum kids dance party in Brisbane, children learn new contemporary dance moves and combinations and show off their own, make up small group dance shows, play dancing games and compete.
Enjoy a very active dancing experience with Awesome Possum Brisbane.

POP STARS Become a pop star! Once Awesome Possum Kids Parties shows you how to move and dance you get to create your own band and create an awesome performance to show your friends! With Awesome Possum's 'Pop Stars' you can show off your dancing, talents and any performing arts skills you may have and want to use for the show which premiers at your birthday party!

AUDITION A talent TV scout arrives to give you and your friends an audition at your birthday party in Brisbane. You and your mates will be provided with fun dance and performance challenges and experience a reality TV style situations while you come up with an amazing performance to get the part. You will give your best to make it! We know you can and we will train you for it! Who will be Brisbane's next superstar??

DRUM O' DANCE Sticks, drums, buckets, digeridoo, natural musical instruments, your body, your voice and music! This is Awesome Possum's kids party bonanza in Brisbane! In this kids party package kids experience a journey of sounds and dance while being taught drumming skills while experiencing simple but awesome choreography to create a shared magical expereince of sounds and movement as a group! Drum O' Dance is a contemporary musical experience designed by Awesome Possum's dance instructors to give you an the best kids birthday party experience in Brisbane!

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