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Party Planning Tips

Now that you have found the perfect entertainment company for your child’s birthday there are a few more things to think about!

1. DATE:
When picking the date of your child’s party, we suggest putting it on a weekend so that lots of your child’s friends are able to attend, and so that you have lots of time to get ready and relax after! Make sure you have a day free before and after the party to set up and relax! You don’t want to be rushed off your feet organising so much that you don’t get to enjoy it yourself!

On average children’s parties go for about three hours, we always suggest leaving half an hour at the beginning and at the end of the party to allow for all of the kids to arrive before the entertainer arrives. When considering the time of your party, be sure to plan whether you want to provide lunch or dinner for the kids or if you just want snacks.

Having the party at home is the obvious more affordable option, make sure you have a large living area or backyard to accommodate all of the children and space for games and running activities. When children are young they love to run around and be active so providing a large area is an essential! If your house doesn’t have this space a local park is the next best option, however obviously you should always have a back up in case it rains!

We can cater to almost any theme, so think and choose wisely! Most children have a favourite television show, book or fairy tale in mind for their parties so give them a few different options before they choose so they are happy on the day! We can help you with this one! Also try and choose something different every year, or something different from their siblings just so each birthday is special and unique!

Sending out the invitations about a month in advance allows for other parents to RSVP in good time and plan their weekends with the kids in advance. We have some excellent party invitation templates that you can use for your kids party! The RSVP date should be two weeks before the party.

There is an old tradition that the amount of children at a party depend on the age your child is turning, so the number of kids plus one. For example if your child is turning 4, you invite 5 children. That is for smaller parties, however once your child gets to a school age you will find yourself inviting close to their whole class! This is why it is great to have an entertainer on the day! You should choose the size of the party based on the location, if you have a smaller home then obviously inviting 30 kids wouldn’t be the best idea!

It is common for parents to also attend birthday parties that their children attend up until school age. Always allow for parents to stay for the party, and have adult snacks as back up just in case a child doesn’t feel comfortable with their parent leaving them! If you specifically want parents to stay, include them on the invitation, and include an area for adults to sit at the party! It’s often a great thing having other parents their, it means they can help on the day as well!

We will cover the majority of the entertainment on the day, however it is always good to have back up games for after we leave or arrive. We suggest a simple game of pass the parcel, as this keeps the kids entertained and in a circle. Most kids can’t handle competitive games at a young age so be sure to make all games inclusive where no one loses or wins. For example if you choose to play musical statues, make it a group effort where no one goes out.

It’s always good to have a sit down with your child to discuss the layout of their birthday party to ensure there are no dramas and that they are a good host to their friends. Remind your child to say hi to the guests as they arrive, and to thank them if they bring a present and as they are leaving. This not only teaches them social skills and manners but also makes the other kids feel a lot more comfortable and willing to join in activities.

Brothers and sisters of the birthday boy or girl need to feel included on the big day. This is often a problematic one as there can be tears if not handled correctly. Discuss the party with the siblings before the day, letting them know that whilst it is not their birthday they should still join in, but let the birthday boy or girl have their special day. We as entertainers know how stressful it can be having siblings at a party so we do our best to keep the whole family happy by including them in the important roles throughout the party!

It is always important to have a range of snacks for the kids, not just the standard junk food. When parents RSVP ask them too state whether their child has any allergies, and if they would like you to cater for them or if they will bring their own food. Try to stay away from excessive amounts of lollies, instead choose healthy fruit snacks, or something from our healthy snack recipe’s list on the website! You don’t want hyper unhealthy kids! Also have bottles of water handy, especially for hot days!

Once again, we at Kids Parties Sydney want to steer clear of junk food! So why not try something different instead of lolly bags! Have some stickers, pencils, a crown or a mask in a goody bag instead! Or if you are feeling creative, try our new Arts & Craft party bag option, where the kids can create their own treasure box to take away!


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