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See what people say about awesome possums kids parties



Awesome Possum’s Army and Nerf adventure party packages are the go for the boys and girls who are well into their concepts of army, commando, soldiers, nerf, war, combat and more. In this epic kids party package Awesome Possum turns your party space into an army base training zone with exciting edgy simulations, active play and fitness fun, balloon weapon training, tacticts games, competition challenges and so much more! I can promise you high energy extremes and huge moral and that kind of experiecne where only a well-carried real life simulation with an authentic performance can raise up! I mean the kids are pumped, they get right into it and they totally LOVE the experience! In this awesome adventure kids get to imagine that they are solider charaters in a battle zone game, like a platform video game, only this time it’s them and it’s real! The excitement is huge and the build up is steady. I am the commander, and together with the group we are an elite commando force, explorig, playing, overcoming obstacles, winning balloon weapons, getting faster, stronger and better in what we do in the war zone! “Enter the Adventure! Play. Win! Isn’t just a slogan, it’s a promise that in this Warzone party the kids will have the best time and will love every moment of action and fun! Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes presents an epic Warzone kids entertainment as never experienced before! – A grand adventure time for Brisbane kids and stunning reviews by parents! Avaialble in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Byron Bay region. Call me today and lets chat about your kids’ Army party and how I can help plan a perfect itinerary and deliver fantastic entertainment! Enter the Adevture! Play. Win!

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