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Minecraft Adventure Club Kids Parties Brisbane

Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes Minecraft Adventure Parties - Are You Ready for a Mega Fun Experience?!! Who wants to find an Ender Pearl Treasure? Who will turn into a Zombie? How many Diamonds can you collect with your Pickaxe?!

If you love Minecraft like we do, if you enjoy gaming and that incredible world and all the creative characters that you can discover within it... If you LOVE treasure hunts and you want to get in the game and earn prizes... Then we are calling all Minecraft FANS to Enter the Adventure with Awesome Possum's Minecraft Adventure Club - and the best thing is - you can have this amazing fun experience for your birthday and enjoy it with all your friends!! We've created a one-of-a-kind experience for Brisbane kids, an opportunity to experience a unique interactive real-life game adventure when YOU become the characters, and YOU get active and solve exciting challenges and YOU win Diamond Swords and Ender Pearls and more magical artifacts!! How does it work? Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes send a Fan's Club Adventure Host to your birthday party! We highly recommend that you choose a location that features an outdoor scene like a reserve or a park. Parties at home are also great but for this adventure party we do recommend large open space! Why?! - Because we get super active, we explore spaces and we incorporate an exciting treasure hunt in this awesome party package! After a sweet intro of game quiz and refresher of characters and artifacts, the kids are then encouraged to choose a character they want to be and then they play those characters in a series of dynamic games and activities. Each activity is reference to the Minecraft world and through the games, the children learn new skills, solve challenges, find treasures and then progress to more exciting game levels! It is an extremely imaginative-interactive experience and not only it is so wonderful for the children to build up team-player skills, get active and burn some energy, and they also get creative and boost their imaginations! Minecraft Adventure Parties are super awesome and are designed for kids in the age groups of 4-10 y/o!! This adventure party package is available for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the Byron Bay region kids! The package include: - Active games - Treasure Hunt - Magic show - Balloon twisting of swords / pickaxes - Fun challenges - Dance - Option of extended games and magic or Minecraft inspired face painting - Prizes This adventure package is available in 60, 80 and 90 minutes! Quotes for parties with up to 20 kids: 60 min' . . $315 80 min' . . $345 90 min' . . $360 * Extra guests incurs an added fee of $3 per each extra child. * Standard ravel fee applies to some areas, just let us know the location of your event for an accurate quote. Alijah Brod-Forrest is the creator of Awesome Possum Brisbane. He is also a primary school teacher, teaching Drama, PE and Music. Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes and its related activities had been operating since 2009. It is one of Brisbane's favorite kids entertainment brand. Alijah is a pro kids entertainer-performer and Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes currently receives an incredible 5 star Google reviews total from all of its wonderful clients! Follow Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes on Facebook and Instagram. Check out all of our characters on our website:

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