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See what people say about awesome possums kids parties



Go Go Power Rangers! Alijah Awesome Possum here, the performer who does all your favourite superheroes as well as the Red Power Ranger for kids parties! Thank you for visiting my website! Now that you found Brisbane’s favourite superhero kids party entertainer, and also professional, experienced and so much fun AKA ‘Fierce!’ AKA ‘Awesome!’ AKA ‘Wow, Who Is THIS Guy?!!’ Haha, I know right? Well I am an actor, athlete, teacher, performer and yes, a superhero! And kids’ superhero parties is what I love doing and do it BEST! I mean reviews are everything right?! (Google search ‘Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes’ and also check out the reviews on my Know that ‘Good News’ feeling? Well, you can start feeling it right now becasuse I’m going to make all that kids party planning business heaps easier for you! So chat to me all about it today! Choose your venue, at home, your local park, your favourite kids’ friendly cafe or restaurant… If there’s some space for fun activities, a birthday party and a bunch of excited kids – I’m in! Having a kids superheroes Power Ranger inspired party suddenly got gazillion times more awesome with Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes. Power Ranger adventure parties are available in 2 formats. You can choose the sweet and short 60 minutes experiecne or add an extra 20 minutes and I will deliver more games, extra magic and there will be some extra time for you to sit back and relax while the kids are totally engaged and super entertained. Power Ranger kids parties with me are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Byron Bay region! Seriosuly, I’m on a mission – To help you make DREAMS COME TRUE and bring the superhero happiness to your kids party! Truly – incredible memories will be created! Enter the Adventure! Play. Win! I look forward to having the BEST Power Ranger kids party with you guys! Reach out to me today and lets lock in that awesome party itinerary together!

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