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See what people say about awesome possums kids parties



Awesome Possum Superheroes Brisbane takes kids birthday party entertainment to the next level in this adventure fun experience with Spiderman! Brace yourselves and get ready for seriously epic kids party action in this one! Ever since I got my movie replica Spidey suit from this Cos play studio, I totally noticed an improvement in my climbing skills and hanging off fences and rooftops. I mean I can’t help it. When I put the suit on I kinda turn into him for real. Kinda like how a new accessory makes you feel when you first wear it but with super powers! * laughing outloud * Spiderman is by far the most popular and loved superhero character by Brisbane kids. The character gets booked for that many kids birthday parties while Batman gets to do less appearances than half of what Spidey does. You would know an Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes Spiderman when you see him! The quality of the outfit, the original moves, a great eye candy performance and how the performer totally engages the kids, by far more amazing than anything else on the market! (sorry, but it’s true.) The Awesome Possum Spiderman party experience puts the children in an adventure world of superheroes vs villains with the kids being the superheroes, resulting in the villains being too ‘chicken’ to show up to the party! I mean, awesome concept! The kids then enter exciting superhero training fun activities and games in order to acquire the superhero skills they really need to guard the cake (so the villains don’t eat it all), the presents and their prizes. Awesome Possum Brisbane makes it really special for the birthday child, with spiderman giving them lots of attention (unless a child doesn’t prefer being the centre of attention), special birthday prize, the freedom of being the first to go in any of the games, taking part in the magic show and of course have a special ‘cake time’ ceremony together and a great photo opportunity with all the friends. Awesome Possum Spiderman is Brisbane kids’ favourite birthday party superhero! Call me today and lets organise a super fun, super cool kids party experience! Enter the Adventure! Play. Win! Facebook: Instagram: #awesomepossumkids Available in Brisbane, Gold Cost, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Byron Bay region. Call today. Enter the Adventure with Awesome Possum Spidy!

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