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A Weekend of Kids Parties in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

Hola friends, how was your weekend? Hope you had a fantastic one!

Alijah the Awesome Possum here.. the performer who does all your favourite kids party

characters and magic shows. Awesome Possum is of course my artist name.

This weekend only just past, I’ve had the pleasure to present and deliver some five adventure shows across Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast!

I thought I might tell you a little bit about them and how fun it was and also for you to get the picture of how I perform and engage the kids in my adventure shows!

My show itinerary began on a Friday afternoon, presenting Minecraft Game Hosting party in Norm Buchan Park in Bardon. It was a birthday party for a boy who was turning 6 and he invited his whole class for his birthday. Cute!! I also like the idea of kids birthday parties after school on the green in your local park. They are just so exciting for the kids, bring parents together and builds connections in the community, and they’re casual enough, kinda like picnic style.

After doing several shows with the official Minecraft cardboard box headpiece of Steve (the Hero),

I now deliver my Minecraft parties as the game host! The box really limited my act, especially it made communication with the kids challenging. My new Minecraft character is pretty much a cool Minecraft gamer fan (attired in Minecraft fan outfit) who engages and inspires the group with fun interactive Minecraft activities and adventure games, with mini plots incorporated throughout the activities, musical game and challenges, magic and giveaways. A unique way for kids to play and get active, well-structured and extremely entertaining.

On Saturday morning I got up early and travelled from home in Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast for my ninja show I did for a boy who turned 7. The party was at Lillyponds Park across from Mapleton library. It’s an awesome spot for kids party and a picnic if you are local to this area of the coast.

My ninja show is an active ninja training adventure with games and balloon ninja swords, fitness activities, running games, hide n seek, basic martial arts and more. This show incorporate entertaining narratives about a villain called Robo-Panda (an oversized panda bear mutant created by an evil scientist) and the little ninjas are assigned to a mission – to protect the emperor’s palace and the villages around it. The concept sparks the imagination and with active games and play it makes the adventure even more fun!

On the same day I travelled back to Brisbane to Stafford Community Centre for my second show, this time as Spiderman. It was a joint birthday party for 4 boys, all turning 5. All their friends from preschool came to the party and we had the best time! It was very high energy as each birthday boy was keen to be the center of attention in their own cute little ways. It was an awesome superhero adventure.

On Sundy I had 2 more shows and that was exciting, a ninja adventure kids party in Cox Park in Lota in the eastern Brisbane suburbs and then, a Captain America kids party in Shailer Park for a 5 year old little boy who I did a party for last year as well when he turned 4! I love getting invited second time (and sometimes even third and for one girl on the Sunshine Coast I was invited to entertain her 5 birthdays), and visit the house and to see how the birthday child changed in a year, grown a little more, got taller and of course, the family is always good to see again!

Seriously now, being a kids birthday party entertainer and a superhero, is all about bringing the magic and creating sweet memories and dreams come true! I mean it’s the best day of the year, right?! Time to celebrate!!

Awesome Possum Kids Superheroes presents amazing superheroes and characters for your kids parties. My specialty is being a versatile performer who can pull off just about any character for your kids party. If you can’t currently find the character you want on my website just have a chat to me and I will see what I can do. I have created special requests characters, I can hire costumes and I love being challenged with new characters and birthday party themes.

I am a Brisbane kids party entertainer and get to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba! Call me to today and let’s plan your mazing kids party itinerary!

Have an awesome day and I look forward to it!

Alijah – Owner / Performer

Awesome Possum

Kids Superheroes

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