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  • Alijah Brod-Forest


We have some awesome snappy news to share with you for 2022!

Photography by: Psionic

Hi. Alijah from Awesome Possum here! During 10 years, my experience performing for kids parties for clients, I’ve noticed that if there’s one thing the party hosts (AKA you the parents) normally miss out on is… photography. The thing is, it’s understandable, when you call a party at home or the local park for 15 to 25 of your child’s friends, classmates and parents, you are tending to your guests. Someone is looking for a cup, another after ice cubes, you refill drinks, connect and mingle, bring out the cake and whoopsie, you missed out on a big chunk of the birthday, your child’s experience, their reactions and interactions and many special moments. Most people simply don’t have the time or the option to capture their event with a camera.

We have awesome news for you! We now have a special photography add-on available with your Awesome Possum kids party entertainment package! Awesome Possum is now working with ‘PSIONIC PHOTOGRAPHY’ – Brisbane based, family friendly, kids party and event photographer.

With Awesome Possum’s popular superhero adventure shows across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and Psionic’s unique creative way with kids and family photography, we capture the highlights and special moments in a beautiful photo album – a visual memory to cherish, share and enjoy. Whether you are planning your child’s birthday, hosting a family gathering or even hosting an event – with Awesome Possum’s cutting edge kids’ entertainment and Psionic’s professional yet intuitive photography, we will capture the action and emotion, the excitement and reaction and more highlighted moments of joy and delight throughout the experience!

Photography Packages and Quotes

You can now add ‘Psionic’ photography add-on deal to your Awesome Possum kids entertainment package!

The basic Photography add-on package price for 15 high quality, professionally edited photos, delivered to you direct as print ready files, starts at a price of $170

20 photos package is now . . . $200 30 photos package is now . . . $250 40 photos package is now . . . $300 50 photos package is now . . . $350

Customised printed photo album and / or select photo framing service is available on request – Just ask us for a quote!

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